History Behind the Scenes

Visiting Air Mobility Command (photo: Dr. Belolan)

“How do you store and care for historical artifacts ranging from quilts to books? Is it ever OK to sell them off? Where do we find money to fund educational programming about the American Revolution, and how do we go about doing it? What opportunities are there to learn about the history and legacy of slavery in the United States? Who owns museums, and why should we care?”

Dr. Belolan behind the scenes at Air Mobility Command (photo: Meg Hutchins)


Students in Museum Studies 385: History Behind The Scenes learned the answers to these questions over four weeks during the winter semester. In this course, they learned why museums are important to society and, more importantly, why they should advocate for cultural heritage.


In the storage area at Rockwood (photo: Dr. Belolan)

In addition to lecture and class discussion led by Dr. Nicole Belolan, the class lived up to its name and took the students ‘behind the scenes’ of six of local (and not so local) museums and historical sites. They were given the chance to talk with museum professionals and volunteers about how these sites different size organizations operate and sustain themselves.

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