Final Reporting Requirements for Students & Supervisors


Student Final Report

A final report is required TWO WEEKS after your internship hours are completed, and no later then two weeks prior to the end of your second year final semester. The report should be 1,500 to 3,000 words, double spaced. You may include photographs if you wish. The report will be retained in the Program’s student file. With your permission, a copy of this report may be sent to the intern’s supervisor at the sponsoring institution.

Include the following in your report:

  • Describe the mission of each organization where internship hours were undertaken, and identify and characterize the mission(s). Describe the governance, administrative, operational structure of each, identify the division or department with which you have been working, and briefly describe its purpose.
  • Identify your supervisor and discuss his or her position in the organization(s).
  • Discuss the work you performed. Did you gain new skills? What did you learn that was new to you?
  • Briefly recount the purpose, focus, and content of the special project (or discrete portion of a major project) that you worked on.
  • Discuss how your internship experiences have contributed to your professional development.
  • Identify and briefly discuss both the positive and negative features of your internship experience.

Attach as appendices or provide links to any materials that you produced during your internship. Also, please attach the evaluation form that was completed by your supervisor and shared with you to your final report.

Supervisor Evaluation The internship supervisor is required to complete the supervisor evaluation form and to meet with the intern to discuss the intern’s overall performance. This form becomes part of the student’s file in the Museum Studies Program.

If you have any other questions, problems or suggestions for improving the internship experience, please contact Meg Hutchins.