Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Please check the University of Delaware’s on-line catalog to see what courses are being offered for the current semester.

The certificate in Museum Studies requires twelve credit hours. This includes core introduction course
(MSST 600), three hours in internships or group projects, one core course and three
elective credit hours from the list of approved courses.

Required Courses
MSST 600 Introduction to Museums: History & Professional Practice

Internship or Work Experience: MSST 804 Museum Internship/Service Project

Three Credit Core Courses
MSST 601 Curatorship and Collections Management
MSST 602 Archives & Paper Collections
MSST 603 Digital Exhibitions and Engagement
MSST 605 Historical Properties
MSST 607 Museum Education and Interpretation
MSST 610 Exhibition Development
MSST 611 Topics in Museum Administration (1-3 credits each, may be taken more than once, up to 3 credits for core, with additional credits counting as Electives)
Topics include: Leadership Boards & Senior Staff; Fundamentals in Fundraising; Budgeting & Finance in Non-Profits; Grant Writing for Cultural Institutions; Special Events Planning; Evaluations and Visitor Surveys

Three Credit Elective Courses
AFRA 645 Black Bodies on Display: Race in Museums
AFRA 647 Curating Hidden Collections and the Black Archive

ANTH 663 Historical Archeology and the Public

ARTH 602 Curatorial Seminar

EAMC 609 Craftsmanship in Early America
EAMC/MSST/ARTH 615 Exhibition and Interpretation of Material Culture
EAMC/MSST/ENGL/HIST 606 Issues in American Material Culture

ENGL 610 Introduction to Theory in Material Culture

HIST/ENGL/AFRA 660 Race and Inequality in Delaware

UAPP/MSST/HIST 629 Theory and Practice of Historic Preservation
UAPP 630 Methods in Historic Preservation
UAPP 631 Documentation of Historic Structures
UAPP/MSST/HIST 654 Architecture of Everyday Life
UAPP 674 Strategic Fundraising and Marketing for Nonprofits
UAPP 694 Financial Management in Public & Nonprofit Sectors
UAPP 697 Leading Organizations in Public & NP Sectors

Topic Specific Courses
(Only some iterations of these courses are approved. Check semesterly course guides or with Coordinator.)
ENGL 641 Public Humanities and Racial Imagery
ENGL 674 Studies in Print and Material Culture