Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate Minor Credit Requirements

If you are interested in adding the Museum Studies Minor, please complete the intake form here AND set up a meeting with Director, Dr. Ken Cohen (cohenk@udel.edu).

Who can choose the Museum Studies minor?
It is open to any undergraduate student at the University of Delaware.

How many credits are required?
The minor requires 18 credit hours.  You may double-count one course from up to TWO majors or minors (6 credits).

What courses are required?

All students completing the minor must take MSST 203: Introduction to Museums (3 credits).
All students completing the minor must take MSST/HIST 464: Internship/Public Service Project.
All students completing the minor must take up to 3 credits of a CORE course. This can be one 3 credit course or 3- 1 credit courses.

What other courses meet the minor’s requirements?

You can apply selected courses from a variety of departments and programs (Anthropology, Art Conservation, Art History, Africana Studies, History, and Public Administration, and others) to the minor.

We also offer an expanding array of Museum Studies courses that will introduce you to different kinds of museum work, from collection care to school programming.

The list of available courses changes each semester, and special one-time courses are also offered.  Use the master list of applicable courses to get started on planning your courses.