Undergraduate Courses

Jen_G_2016Please check the University of Delaware’s on-line catalogue to see what courses are being offered for the current semester.

The Minor in Museum Studies requires eighteen credit hours. This includes one core course
(MSST 203), either three or six credit hours in internships or group projects, and nine or twelve
credit hours from the list of approved courses. Students may not double- count courses that
are part of their major or majors.
MSST 203 Introduction to Museums: History, Philosophy, Functions and Futures
Internship or Group Projects:
MSST 464 Museum Internship/Service Project (may be taken more than once)
HIST 464 Public History Internship (may be taken more than once)
ARTH 243 American Decorative Arts 1700 – 1900
ARTH 322 Introduction to Historic Preservation
ARTH 399 Topics in Art History
ARTH 402 Undergraduate Seminar in Art History
ARTC 301 Care and Preservation of Cultural Property I
ARTC 302 Care and Preservation of Cultural Property II
ANTH/HIST 216 Introduction to Material Culture
ANTH 239 Arts and Crafts of Native North America
ANTH 251 Introduction to Ethnic Arts
ANTH 338 Art and Crafts of Native South America
ANTH 341 Issues and Methods of Archaeological Research
ANTH 344 Anthropology of Clothes
ANTH 402 Material Culture Studies Research Seminar
ANTH 424 Introduction to Archaeological Field Methods
ANTH 463 Interpretation of Archaeology for Public Audiences
BAMS 324 Art of Social Change
BAMS 440 Themes in Black American Studies: Race in Museums
FASH 214 Costume History before 1600
FASH 224 Clothing Design and Production: 1600 to the Edwardian Period
FASH 319 Dress and Culture
FASH 426 Historic Textiles and Clothing Collection Management
MSST/HIST 385 Behind the Scenes
MSST 367 Topics in Museum Studies (may be taken more than once)
MSST 401/601 Curatorship and Collections Management
MSST 407/607 Museum Education and Interpretation
MSST 465 Professional Development (one credit)
SOCI 449 Sociology of Art and Culture
UAPP 330 Public and Nonprofit Administrations
UAPP 334 Financial Management Public and Nonprofit
UAPP 429 Theory and Practice of Historic Preservation Planning
UAPP 430 Methods in Historic Preservation Planning