Final Reporting Requirements for Students & Supervisors


Student Progress Reports

The student will complete two 300-word progress reports describing the work completed for the internship to date and the educational components of the work. These progress reports are to be uploaded to the student’s internship folder on the Google drive. Due dates can be found in your Internship Agreement.

Student Final Report

A final report is required on the due date found in your Internship Agreement after your internship hours are completed. The report will be retained in the Program’s student file.

  1. Description of the institution they are interning at (including size, admin structure, and mission)
  2. Identify their supervisor and the supervisor’s role
  3. The work completed for the internship and how it fulfilled the internship’s educational goals
  4. The role the intern played within larger projects or site initiatives
  5. Critically assess how the 4 elements above combined to enhance and/or diminish the intern’s (and larger institution’s) work.
  6. Discuss the larger academic and educational facets of the work and how it furthered the intern’s academic studies, including a discussion of any sources or research informing the work.
  7. The student will also attach copies (or a representative sampling) of any work completed, such as catalog records, bibliographies, exhibit materials, etc.
  8. The report should be 8 to 10 pages long for Graduate students and 5 to 7 pages long for undergraduate students, double spaced, 11-12 point font, Times New Roman

Student Site Evaluation

The Site Evaluation form should be filled out by the student about their experience of internship at the particular institution. This is an online form. If you need a paper copy, one can be requested from the Program Coordinator. Due dates can be found in your Internship Agreement.

Supervisor Final Evaluation The internship supervisor is required to complete the supervisor evaluation form and to meet with the intern to discuss the intern’s overall performance. This is an online form that becomes part of the student’s file in the Museum Studies Program. Due dates can be found in your Internship Agreement.

If you have any other questions, problems or suggestions for improving the internship experience, please contact The Museum Studies Program.