Museum Studies Students are ‘Finding a Home in the Ardens’

How many Museum Studies students does it take to create an exhibition? For the Arden Craft Shop Museum, the answer is four: two alums and two current students.

Arden Craft Shop Curators, past and present: (l to r) Keith Minsinger, Liz Jones-Minsinger, and Robin MacDonald

Dr. Liz Jones-Minsinger, the current curator of the museum, worked closely with former museum curator Robin Valencia MacDonald to create the current exhibition “Finding A Home in the

Ardens: Camps, Cottages, and Castles.” Jones-Minsinger and MacDonald, both alumna of the Museum Studies Program, wanted to showcase the unique architecture of the single-tax utopian enclave in northern Delaware. The exhibition features photographs and objects from the Museum’s extensive collection and runs through next October.

But wait, there’s more!

This fall, two UD Museum Studies students, Katheryn Lawson and Sharon Folkenroth Hess, created an interactive digital exhibition as a class project at the Winterthur Museum, Library and Garden. The student projects serves as a companion to the Museum’s exhibition and features a layered map of the three communities of the Ardens. The online exhibition can be seen here.

Inside the Arden Craft Shop Museum

For more information on the exhibitions and the Arden Craft Shop Museum, please visit their website.

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