Graduate Internship Requirements

Graduate Internship Requirements

History Graduate Students working on this year's SWAT project at the Milton Historic Society. Shown in photos: Hillary Neeben (black sweatshirt, glasses), Betsy Keene (white vest), and Allison Schell (MHS Director in blue dress).MSST 804: Internship (3 credits) is required to complete the Museum Studies Certificate. The internship consists of 350 hours of supervised work experience intended to complement the program’s courses and provide real-world experience in a museum, historic site, public garden, archive, or other related organization. Most students complete their internship hours between their first and second year of academic study, but internships may be undertaken, or completed, during the academic year.  Some students choose to split their internship hours into several segments in order to explore various career paths. Students may also choose to participate in the Museum Studies Collections SWAT Team project each January as part of their internship hours. The set of links below contains the requirements for setting up and completing internships for both students and sponsors, offers advice on finding internships and explains the internship policies associated with various academic programs. Both students and organizations interested in having interns should contact Dr. Kasey Grier, Director and Internship Coordinator for the Museum Studies Program, early in the academic year to indicate their interest and to begin planning.

Kasey Grier Program Director

Meg Hutchins Program Coordinator

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Finding an Internship

Requirements for Sponsors

Forms for Students and Supervisors:                                

Internship Application

Final Reporting Requirements for Students and Supervisors

Student Internship Log